Why Use PDR

Paintless Dent Repair v Bodyshop Repairs

lexus wingThis image is of a 5 week old Lexus Hybrid, as you can see the dent spans at least 7″ and passes straight through the bodyline. I will use this vehicle as an example for what can be achieved using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and conventional bodyshop repairs.


Paintless Dent Repair


  1. The cars factory paintwork will remain untouched retaining its original finish and appearance.
  2. The panel will be massaged back into shape meaning the repair will last the lifetime of the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle can be repaired on your driveway giving you the option to oversee the repair.
  4. The vehicle can be repaired pretty much anywhere, any time meaning total convenience for the customer.


  1. You may sometimes see a slight distortion left in the panel depending on the size and severity of the original damage.
  2. Technician skill level’s can vary and you should do some research before choosing one as a bad technician can damage the panel to a point where it will have to be repaired by a bodyshop.
  3. Unfortunately some dents cannot be removed for various reasons.


Conventional Bodyshop Repair


  1. Dents that can’t be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair can usually be repaired by a bodyshop by filling the dent and then painting the panel.
  2. Panels can be replaced by a bodyshop if they are unable to be repaired with filler and paint.


  1. The colour of the new paint may look slightly different to your existing paint.
  2. The finish of the paint will also more than likely be different to your factory finish.
  3. If you have body filler in your car it will eventually shrink and sink and show up where the dent originally was.
  4. Depending on the quality of the paint used the nice shine you see when its repaired can fade within months of it being repaired.
  5. You will have to lose the car for a day at the very least, sometimes weeks.
  6. You cant see what is happening to your car and if it is being cared for correctly.
  7. The skill level and quality of repairs offered by bodyshops differ and you should always do your research before getting them to go ahead with any repairs.


The Outcome

So as you can see although a bodyshop is able to take on a wider range of repairs i would say that the cons put me in favour of Paintless Dent Repair. I personally would always contact a Paintless Dent Removal company before going to a bodyshop. PDR isn’t always the cheapest option but more than often it will be and any decent dent technician will tell you what to expect of the outcome of the repair before they quote it meaning you then have the option to decide if you want to go conventional or PDR.

Lets go back to the Lexus that i showed you at the top of the page. In the case of this dent the owner decided that under no circumstances did he want to have filler in his brand new car and so that left him with just two options.

Option 1 was to have the wing replaced, this meant going into a repair shop, having the bumper and the headlamp removed to get the old wing off, the new wing would then be fitted onto the vehicle to be painted. Unfortunately when having a new panel fitted and painted the panels next to it have to be painted to blend the colour out meaning the bonnet, the door and the bumper would also need painting. As you can guess the cost of this option was huge.

Option 2 was to have a PDR technician remove the dent, a technician would come out to the customers home address and repair the dent there and then under the watchful eye of the customer in a matter of hours. Due to the size of the dent the customer would be advised that although the dent would be removed there may be a slight chance that there could be a minor imperfection left in the panel but this would be almost invisible and you would have to be physically looking for it to be able to find anything.

I thinklexus repaired 2 we can guess that the owner of the vehicle chose option 2 and he was absolutely delighted with the outcome. Not only did he save money by getting the car repaired at his convenience he got a high quality repair that will last a lifetime.

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